The Creators

Chris Seawright aka Dr. Inx

Author and illustrator, founder of ICONIC INX LLC. Being in love with Art his whole life, after the military, the South Carolina native started off as a freelance artist, taking commissions for startup companies across the country. In 2018 Christopher opened his company, ICONIC INX LLC, doing graphics, clothing design, and unique artwork. In 2019, he published “From the Mind of INX”, a descriptive coloring book that embodied the unique characters from a world he created.

Cristopher’s company, ICONIC INX’s clothing line provides exclusive custom designs that cater to his customers desire for one of a kind apparel. His company has been commissioned to produce company logo designs for numerous small businesses and publishing companies that needed graphics to elevate their brand.    



Jason Lewis aka Jay The Teller

Hey what's up. I'm Jason Lewis and I'm the head writer of 2-Land. I love comics but I'm not your typical comic book writer. Im actually a HUGE rap fan and even dabbled as an emcee. I'm a college graduate and I also have a Masters degree. I believe your imagination is the most powerful tool you have.
I grew up in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) and I remember watching cartoons everyday, all day. Everything from Power Rangers, to X-Men, to Spider-Man, to Ninja Turtles to GI Joe, to Beast Wars was constantly on the television. Me and my brother (my best friend) were always watching comic cartoons, or playing comic book inspired video games, or playing with comic book inspired toys.
I want 2-Land to be the merger of progressive and modern illustrations with compelling and inspiring storylines. Thanks for coming along side us on this journey, it's going to be an incredible adventure.