We're Launching a Cartoon!

Yes ladies and gentlemen you read correctly. 2-Land Comics does have its very own full length animated superhero cartoon. We can't believe this is actually happening but we dreamed big and trust us this is only the beginning. If you like superhero cartoons that capture the nostalgia of 90s Saturday morning and mix in modern animated fluidity then tune into the 2-Land cartoon. It's high energy. It's fun. It's action packed. It's appropriate for all ages. It has positive messages to learn from; and quite simply it's a breath of fresh air.



 2-Land has always been about dreaming big and having the actions to put behind the dreams. We are not going through Hollywood for this production. We are doing all of this on our own. We are building the relationships, working with independent contractors, and trying to find the biggest bang for our bucks. And that's where you come in. This is a request to all lovers of superhero cartoons, to all the comic book loyalists who are ready for a new superhero to take the helm, to all the parents that support positive youth cartoons and to all advocates of anti-bullying.


Please donate in any capacity by clicking on the link below. Let's make history together. Let's make one of the greatest cartoons television has ever seen. Let's make some amazing memories for youth and adults alike to remember fondly. Let's make the 2-Land cartoon; because 2-Land is, and forever will be a beacon of hope. It's 2-Land baby!!!!!